The beginning

Who would have thought that a knee injury could lead to a successful business? Yet that’s the story behind New Energy Printing. In March 2012, our founder Thomas found himself laid up with his leg in a cast. He already had a company with a business partner, selling yearbooks to schools. He’d noticed a significant difference in print quality and prices, so it really mattered where you had a book printed. During his three-month recovery, Thomas came up with a way to offer added value as a print broker for end customers and printers alike. That idea grew into New Energy Printing, literally inspired by the new energy Thomas found after his knee surgery.

Service, quality and competitive prices

Thanks to his extensive network, Thomas was immediately able to partner with high-quality printers in Europe and China. As a result, the New Energy Printing team was almost always able to provide amazing quality and competitive prices. Of course that’s appealing to customers, but what they really appreciate is the helping hand they get from New Energy Printing. Service and quality are at the heart of this company. That is why customers come back again and again and customer churn is negligible. In fact, new customers are coming on board all the time.

Everyone’s happy: customers, employees, and suppliers!

Happy customers are just one side of the story for the New Energy Books team. Employees should also be happy to come into work and go home happy at the end of the day. That applies to suppliers, too. New Energy Printing isn’t squeezing them out, but partnering with them to do good business together. New Energy Printing is all about quality and fun!

Meet our team

The best book printer for you

New Energy Printing is now proud to call themselves the premier book printer in the Netherlands. We are focused on printing and designing books and brochures, because that’s our true specialty. Every day we’re reminded that customer service is key. We keep our promises and guarantee top quality. In the unlikely event that the quality of a printed book doesn’t meet expectations, the shipment does not go to the customer until we’ve resolved the issue. If you have any questions about printing your book, you can always get in touch with your dedicated contact person. They’ll provide the answers you’re looking for in plain English.

Customers give us a

9.3 / 10

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